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Advantages Of Metal Pack

wdh-site Food grade, the fruit (like pineapple, yellow peach, pear), the vegetable (like tomato, bean, bamboo), the meat (like luncheon meat, corned beef, chicken), the fish (like a sardine, tuna, mackerel) could be filled in this metal pack.
wdh-site Protect your filled foods, seal out food-borne pathogens.
wdh-site Keep your filled foods fresh, seal in freshness, nutrition, quality, and taste.
wdh-site Stack-able, reduce the risk of the can falling-down in the shelf.
wdh-site Environmentally friendly, recyclable without any quality loss.
wdh-site Bright-colored, good visual sense,attract consumers’ eyes.

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Application Of Metal Pack

wdh-site Used in your food business, like the canned food & glass jar food for human beings, the canned pet foods, ...etc.
wdh-site Used in your non-food business, like battery jacket, the paint, the industry oil, ...etc.

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China metal can lids supplier, manufacturer, factory - Minjia metal can lids

Minjia - China's professional manufacturer and supplier of metal can lids. Welcome to buy high-quality metal can lids from our factory. For more company information, please contact us immediately.

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China  Minjia metal pack is one of the leading Tin Cans, Metal Canning Lids, Electrolytic Tinplate manufacturers and suppliers in China. Innovation is the driving force for us to establish a competitive advantage and is the key to our leading position in the fierce international market competition. We believe that innovation leads to development, and we continue to create new products to meet the needs of more customers.


The metal can lid is an important part of the recycling process. It helps to prevent materials from spilling and makes it easier to remove the recycling material. The lid also helps keep insects away and protects the material from rain and snow.


Minjia metal can lids


Our products can meet the needs of different customers. Welcome to choose Minjia metal - is one of the leading Tin Cans, Metal Canning Lids, Electrolytic Tinplate manufacturers and suppliers in China, also supporting customized service. Be free to wholesale high quality products from our factory.


Metal can lid manufacturers have been in business for many years and have developed a reputation for making high quality lids. They are often used in the food and beverage industry, where they are required to be of a certain quality and durability.

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