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excellent lithography Manufacturer
quality Tin Free Steel
Tin Free Steel
china electrolytic tinplate
Electrolytic Tinplate
Can Lid
canning lids,canning lids manufacturers
Canning Lid
Lug Cap
Lug Cap
Easy Open End,Easy Open End manufacturers
Easy Open End
Tin Can
Rectangular Metal Tin
Beverage Can Factory
Beverage Can
Metal Can Factory
Metal Can

Advantages Of Metal Pack

wdh-site Food grade, the fruit (like pineapple, yellow peach, pear), the vegetable (like tomato, bean, bamboo), the meat (like luncheon meat, corned beef, chicken), the fish (like a sardine, tuna, mackerel) could be filled in this metal pack.
wdh-site Protect your filled foods, seal out food-borne pathogens.
wdh-site Keep your filled foods fresh, seal in freshness, nutrition, quality, and taste.
wdh-site Stack-able, reduce the risk of the can falling-down in the shelf.
wdh-site Environmentally friendly, recyclable without any quality loss.
wdh-site Bright-colored, good visual sense,attract consumers’ eyes.

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Application Of Metal Pack

wdh-site Used in your food business, like the canned food & glass jar food for human beings, the canned pet foods, ...etc.
wdh-site Used in your non-food business, like battery jacket, the paint, the industry oil, ...etc.

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