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Tinplate for the production of various food-grade cans


Tinplate is commonly known as "Ma Kou Tie" in Chinese, which is a transliteration from Macao as Macao is the major port for the import of tin plates into China.

Currently, all tinplate products in use are electrolytic tinplate (ETP) and tin free steel (TFS), which are important raw materials for manufacturing metal pack.

Lithography Tinplate means the colors are printed in the surface of electrolytic tinplate (ETP) or tin free steel (TFS) by special and modern machine, like Fuji Printer.

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Tinplate for the production of various food-grade cans - Min Jia supplies

  • The Structure of Electrolytic Tinplate(ETP)

    Electrolytic tinplate is composed of five layers, including base steel, iron-tin alloy, tin, chromium oxide, and oil film. However, some people believe that it is made up of six layers; that is, there is a tin oxide film beneath the passivation film. Sometimes, the tin oxide film and the passivation film are collectively known as the oxidation film.


    The Structure of Tin Free Steel(TFS)

    Generally, it is believed that the tin free steel (TFS) is composed of four layers, including steel base, metallic chromium layer, chromium oxide layer and oil film.


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    In fact, in the process of purchasing products, it is very important whether tinplate for the production of various food-grade cans enriches the specific product type. The rich product range can meet the needs of all demanders.


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  • The Production Process of Electrolytic Tinplate(ETP)

    The major steps of the electrolytic tinplate process include:

    Uncoiling → Cutting → Alkaline cleaning → Straightening (or before alkaline cleaning) → Pickling → Electrotinning → Reflowing and hardening → Passivation → Quality inspection → Coiling.

    The Production Process of Tin Free Steel (TFS)

    Major steps of TFS line are as follows:

    uncoiling → welding → looping → alkaline cleaning → tension leveler → pickling → metallic chromium electroplating → chromium oxide electroplating → electrostatic oiling → looping → trimming (circle shear) → quality inspection → coiling.


    The Production Process of Lithography Tinplate

    The major steps of the Lithography Tinplate line are as follows:

    Tinplate dust removal & wrinkle treatment → Internal lacquer coating → Drying → Bottom layer printing → White color printing → Drying → Graphics printing → Drying → Varnish lacquer coating → Drying.

  • Features of Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP)

    1.Excellent Corrosion Resistance

    2.Excellent Paintability & Printability

    3.Excellent Solderability & Weldability

    4.Excellent Formability & Strength

    5.Beautiful Appearance


    Features of Tin Free Steel (TFS)

    1.Excellent paint adhesion

    2.Excellent heat resistance

    3.Excellent resistance to sulphur blackening

    4.Excellent filiform rust resistance


    5.Excellent alkali resistance

     With the development of the media industry, more and more places are needed for Excellent lithography. It is very important to choose an  Excellent lithography. MinJia is an excellent lithography Manufacturer, Welcome to choose excellent lithography Manufacturer. Excellent lithography Manufacturer is looking forward to your call.China Minjia Metal Packaging is one of the leading excellent lithography manufacturers and suppliers, and also supports customized services. We can wholesale high quality products from our factory for free.

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