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Luncheon meat Can

Luncheon meat Can - A tin can, tin (especially in British English, Australian English and Canadian English), steel can, steel packaging or a can, is a container for the distribution or storage of goods, composed of thin metal. Many cans require opening by cutting the "end" open; others have removable covers. Cans hold diverse contents: foods, beverages, oil, chemicals, etc. Steel cans are made of tinplate (tin-coated steel) or of tin-free steel. In some dialects, even aluminium cans are called "tin cans".

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  • Luncheon meat Can
  1. Luncheon meat Can

Luncheon meat Can - Minjia metal pack

  • Available type of Metal Can

    Metal cans are classified into 3-piece cans and 2-piece cans, depending on the structure. They all could be filled in vegetable, fruit, seafood, ... etc.

    Available type of Rectangular Metal Tin

    The rectangular metal tin is also classified into 3-piece cans and 2-piece cans, depending on the structure. Luncheon meat can and corned beef can are 3-piece, and tuna can is 2-piece can.

    Available type of Beverage Can

    Luncheon meat Can - A beverage can (or drinks can) is a can manufactured to hold a single serving of a beverage. In the United States, the can is most often made of aluminum (almost entirely, but cans made in Europe and Asia are an alloy of approximately 55 percent steel and 45 percent aluminum.


    Minjia metal pack is one of the leading Tin Cans manufacturers, Metal Canning Lids suppliers. Focus on producing high-quality scroll type Tin Cans, complete specifications, and accept customized services. A good Luncheon meat Can for the production of various food-grade cans has a good work efficiency.


    In the process of using the Luncheon meat Can for the production of various food-grade cans, it is naturally more important to have good efficiency. Although the price of the brand is higher, they are more efficient, which improves the cost-effectiveness of the product. Welcome to choose Canning lids manufacturers Minjia metal pack - a leading Metal Can of tin-coated steel for the production of various food-grade cans manufacturers, Metal Canning Lids suppliers.


    The Luncheon meat Can must have a good scientific and technological content in the whole production. Whether it is in operation or the coordination of internal working systems, Tin Cans also has corresponding technological requirements. Only by improving in this area, users will be satisfied.


    Minjia metal pack is professional Canning lids manufacturers. Complete specifications and high quality. We are committed to treating customers with integrity and quality, thus winning a group of loyal customers. >>>More product

  • The Production Process of 3-piece Metal Can

    Three-Piece Can Manufacturing Process:

    Feeding → Slitting → Can Body Rounding → Weld Joint Striping →Capping →Product Inspection →Package

    The Production Process of 2-piece Metal Can

    2-piece metal cans is normally divided into five major steps, including, Feeding →Punching & Cupping →Deep Drawing & Flange →Trimming →Product Inspection →Package


    The Production Process of Lug Cap

    The major production processes of lug cap are as follows:

    Tinplate inspection → Coating & Printing→ Punching the cap → Roll claws → Molding sealing wash by heating → Cooling →  → Package→ Storage

  • Features of Tin Can

    Compared with the three-piece can, the two-piece can has the following advantages: 

    1.The can body has no side seam, and there's no seam between the body and the bottom end, so the can is tightly sealed with less consumption of raw materials; 

    2.The can body can be fully decorated and printed; 

    3.The can making process is easy and efficient. 

    However, it also has some disadvantages. For example, it requires excellent performance of the can-making materials and a high investment in equipment. Besides, can-making technologies, equipment and dies must be excellent as well.


      The function of Beverage Can:

      1. Beverage Can have a good protective effect on the contents due to their good sealing properties.

      2. It has high aesthetics. As an inseparable part of the packaging, small bottle caps can be used as a finishing touch.

      3. It is price-competitive. Compared with other bottle caps, it has a high price advantage.

      China Minjia Metal Packaging is one of the leading Beverage Can Factory and suppliers, and also supports customized services. We can wholesale high quality products from our factory for free.

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