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Why is tin can suitable for saving tea

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  Why is tin can suitable for saving tea?


  Tin can, that is, a metal can made of tin such a metal as the main raw material, which is an ideal packaging container for tea. From the shape, common tin cans have hoist and cylindrical shape.

Why is tin can suitable for saving tea


  Tin can suitable for green tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, white tea, black tea, tin can have a thick material, high canopy, good delay, and its preservation ability and obvious antioxidant capacity, so use tin can to store such tea can be used Outer air prevents tea oxidation while avoiding illumination, maintaining dryness of tea.


  As a volatile food, tea is susceptible to water, temperature, humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, and agonized deterioration, lost the original fresh flavor, so the storage environment of tea needs to be dry, protected from light, ventilation.


  Because of its excellent sealing, tin can meet the storage conditions of tea, so it is very suitable for storing tea, especially for tea such as green tea, and the quality is easy to change due to storage time.


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