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Why do you need tinplate packaging

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Why do you need tinplate packaging


In fact, tinplate is a tin-plated iron plate. We know that the cans that hold food are always in a humid environment. Iron is very easy to rust with the oxygen in the air in a humid environment. Once the rust is damaged, some bacteria in the air will enter. Canned food spoils quickly.

Tinplate Packaging


It was taken into account that since the can is used to hold food, the material must be non-toxic, and the coating formed after it is plated on the iron surface should also be strong and dense, and the iron must not be allowed to come into contact with the air. It is most suitable to pick and choose tin. It is not only non-toxic, but also in the air it can generate a layer of "armor" to protect itself. Put it on the iron, and the air will progress to the inside of the metal. Therefore, tin is plated on the surface of the iron, which can effectively prevent the food inside the can from spoiling.


Tinplate has many advantages such as good sealing, preservation, light-proof, firmness and unique metal decoration charm; strong oxidation resistance; high strength of tinplate packaging container, good formability, strong compatibility with products, etc.


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Tinplate is one of the oldest packaging materials and was originally used for round, square and rectangular boxes and canisters. In the early 1800 s, following the offer of a prize by Napoleon Bonaparte for the first person to develop a way of preserving foods, the first heat processed tinplate food cans in the world were made, filled, processed and sold to the public in Bermondsey, east London. 

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Tinplate is the most sustainable packaging media and a versatile packaging substrate which finds usage across a wide-end uses viz; food (edible oil, processed fruits & vegetables), non-food (paints & chemicals, aerosol sprays, battery) and beverages. Tinplate is most suited for packaging processed edibles owing to its excellent barrier properties.

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