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What tin can store tea

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  What tin can store tea?


  Tea is a dry product, which is easy to absorb the humidifree and has become tide. It is very adsorption of moisture, and the smell is very easy to evaporate. When the tea survival is not at the time, under the effect of moisture, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen, it will cause the oscillation of poor biochemical reactions and the sterilization, thereby opening up the change of tea products, so when it is stored, what extension is used What is the matter, there are decisions. As a result, the tea cans come into arrive.

tin can


  Good tea requires a good tea tank to collect gathering, more and more soft melon tablets, higher for preservation requirements. It is assumed that it will be lost with a bad tea pot, nutrition and taste. For good tea, I have to say it is a mess, this is also something that love tea is not allowed.


  Prerequisite tea class is 4 categories, no fermentation tea: melon tablets; semi-fermented tea: yellow tea, white tea, green tea; full fermented tea: 红; post-fermented tea: black tea, Pu'er tea. Different types of tea survival foundations have each differential.


  Tin cans, porcelain cans are stronger and in situations, consistent with melon tablets. Since tin cans have strong anti-oxidation, good moisture, low permeability, good conductivity, no non-metallic odor, etc., tin can is the best container for reservoir, commonly used to store higher tea. Tin is generally used to have food and property in harvest, and it is the best information for food preservation packaging, also known as "green non-metallic". More and more, the refined storage tea tank created by Pure Tin is perfectly closed, anti-oxidation, interruption, and does not have the effect of odor. The porcelain box is used to give gift relief, which is unanimously used to store tea.


  The pottery pot, purple suede breathable, consistent with the full fermentation of the red, black tea, Pu'er tea, the tea after fermentation is good. Since the quality of the purple sand is a double gas hole structure, it is a porous material, which is good for tea cans created with Yixing purple sand. It is used to store tea, which can maintain tea and old, and can disperse the abdomen in tea. Evaporation Make the tea gaps, glory as new, so that Yixing Liang's purple sand tea cans are called the best container for storage tea. The pottery can be sealed, and the glazing is good. The disadvantage is that it is not durable, stores no circumference, and has broken. More suitable for playing.


  And like iron cans, what tea is like, to follow the survival skills in accordance with all other tea leaves. The sealing is consistent, the glazing is better, but the moisture is poor, the worker is long, and there is approximately rust. Not suitable for storage precious tea.

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