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What product is the easy open lid

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  What product is the easy open lid? What's the effect?


  Easy-open lid is a relatively common product in our lives. In fact, most people are not particularly clear about the definition of easy-open lid and the role of easy-open lid products.

What product is the easy open lid


  1. Easy-opening product definition


  Easy-opening products have a deep score line. Generally speaking, when the pull ring is opened at the beginning, it can be safely torn along the score line. This is a better anti-counterfeiting bottle cap, but it is more difficult in the whole process of use. Many companies must fully consider the anti-counterfeiting needs when using it, and use various design concepts to design when making it. The qualitative versatility is not particularly good, but it has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.


  2. Uses of easy-opening products


  The easy-opening lid itself is used when the can is closed and opened. It is particularly convenient to open during use, and there must be a deep notch and a pull ring on the processed lid, so that the lid is opened. It can be completely opened along the score, which is in the requirement of safety for the use of cans. During the process of food packaging, there should be no corrosion or rust before the final use of the food.


  What exactly is the easy-open lid when it is used? What kind of use does the product have? Through the above introduction, everyone should understand that this product is completely round, and sometimes it can be made into other shapes.


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