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What kind of tea is suitable for tin cans

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  What kind of tea is suitable for tin cans?


  Tin cans are suitable for green tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, white tea, and black tea. Tin cans have the characteristics of thick material, high can neck, good ductility, and obvious fresh-keeping ability and anti-oxidation ability. Therefore, using tin cans to store this kind of tea can be isolated The outside air prevents the tea from oxidizing, and at the same time, it can avoid the light and keep the tea dry.

What kind of tea is suitable for tin cans


  Advantages of tin tea cans:


  1. The unique function of tin element and the airtightness of tin utensils, so the storage period of tea leaves in tin utensils is longer than that of any other tea cans, and it has the characteristics of not changing taste and color.


  2. Tin tea cans have been recognized as the best utensils for long-term preservation of tea and to avoid the loss of nutrition and taste changes of tea.


  3. Pewter tea set, silver-white in color, elegant and noble, with strong metallic texture, and unique visual effect. The tea is made for a long time and the taste is stronger. It is the best choice for friends and family to taste tea and collect.


  4. Most high-quality teas are packaged in tin tea cans, because many metals have a metallic taste, while tin tea cans do not have a metallic taste and have the best airtightness. In addition, the can body is thicker and has a stronger freshness preservation function.


  5. Some teahouses use large-mouth glass bottles for tea, so that customers can clearly see the appearance of the tea. At home, most people use tin tea cans to store tea, which is non-toxic, and has the effect of purification and preservation. Many people in their lives also use tin cans to keep food fresh.


  6. Tin tea cans have the effects of anti-oxidation, protection from light and moisture, and can maintain the color and fragrance of tea for a long time. At the same time, the company logo can be marked on the tin tea cans. The packaged tea is also convenient for people to carry after buying. And storage.


  Several disadvantages of tin tea cans:


  1. Tin products are relatively soft and should not be squeezed or collided excessively during use, otherwise they will deform and cause damage.


  2. Tin products are not resistant to low temperatures. Tin is very sensitive to the feeling of cold. When the temperature drops below minus 13.2℃, it will gradually change from silvery white to a kind of soot-like powder, which is called "gray tin".


  In northern China, tin products are not suitable for use outdoors in winter or indoors at low temperatures.

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