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What can tin cans be used for

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  What can tin cans be used for?


  1. Keep fresh for a long time


  As early as more than a thousand years ago, the ancients knew how to store tea in tin cans and exported the tea stored in tin tea cans to Japan and Southeast Asia, making China's "tea ceremony" and tin tea cans prevail in these countries. Passed down to this day. The shelf life of tea under general packaging conditions is only one and a half years, while under humid or dry conditions, the shelf life is even shorter. Because the tin cans are relatively tight, the tea cans are stored in tin cans, and the shelf life is longer than that of any other tea cans, and it has the characteristics of not changing taste and color, and keeping the tea fresh and aromatic for a long time. The effect of storing coffee beans and tobacco is also very good. From ancient times to the present, people who pay attention to the tea ceremony and like to drink tea and taste tea generally use tin cans to store tea. Tin tea cans have been recognized as the best container for long-term preservation of tea and to avoid the loss of nutrients and taste changes of tea.

What can tin cans be used for


  2. Suitable for collection and gift


  The exquisite tin can is a symbol of nobility and elegance. It is both beautiful and applicable. It is a good product for collection or gifting.


  Tin can tea set, silver-white in color, elegant and noble, with strong metal texture, unique visual effect. Experienced craftsmen use traditional handicraft techniques to perform multiple processes such as engraving, welding, grinding, and polishing. It feels silky and delicate to the touch, making it a very collectible handmade artwork. If it is used to make tea, it has the effect of making tea for a long time and a stronger flavor. It is the best choice for friends and relatives to taste tea and collect. Modern people's love for tin cans is not a whim, and there are historical origins in tin cans collection. Pewter bracelets and pewter "pilgrimage bottles" in the pyramids of ancient Egypt, pewter utensils and tin cans used to hold wine in the Japanese court, these ancient handicrafts have their own admirers all over the world: the royal families of Britain and Germany They like to use tin utensils to hold beer. In ancient China, people already knew how to put tin plates at the bottom of wells to purify water, and tin utensils were often used to hold imperial wine in the palace.


  Tin cans are as bright and clean as silverware, and have unique texture and color, but they are not as easily discolored and oxidized as silver. High-quality tin cans were used by many European royal families and were loved by aristocrats. The craftsmanship is meticulously designed, and the shape is noble and elegant, which is the best gift.

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