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What are the maintenance methods for tin cans

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  What are the maintenance methods for tin cans?


  Tin cans should not be stored in places below minus 15°C for a long time. You can choose to put the tin can on the display rack as an exhibit to watch, let its soft and round color show its natural charm; you can also use it in your daily life. Since the tin can is not plated on any material, the trouble of the surface layer falling off is eliminated, and only simple maintenance can ensure that the tin can maintains its original luster:

How to maintain tin cans


  Cleaning aspects:


  Under normal circumstances, use clean water or neutral detergent to clean, and then use a soft dry cloth to dry along the grain. The cleaning method is different in different places. The tin cans with matte surface can be cleaned with warm soapy water; while the tin cans with smooth surface can be wiped with high-quality silver washing water to maintain a long-lasting bright luster. After the tin can is used for a long time, if the color on the pattern becomes dark, you can boil the lotus leaf stem or lotus leaf in water, wipe and clean it, and it will descale as new. If the tin can rusts due to oxidation, fresh tomatoes can be cut in half, and the rusted area is wiped with the cut surface. After standing for a few minutes, rinse with water to remove the rust spots. After cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly and wipe dry in time, because the residual detergent and water droplets will damage the surface gloss of the tin can.

How to maintain tin cans




  In order to better maintain the unique charm of tin products and extend their service life, please avoid strong collisions. Tin cans contaminated with tin disease should be isolated in time, placed in distilled water, and boiled for more than one hour to restore the white tin state. Avoid contact with oil stains as much as possible. If you accidentally get some dirt that is difficult to remove, don't scrape it with hard objects. You can put cigarette dust on the stain and wipe it with a cotton cloth to remove the stains. Local stains can be cleaned with cotton cloth. Wipe with polishing paste. The melting point of tin is relatively low (231.89℃), so it should not be baked for a long time by the fire.

How to maintain tin cans


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