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What are the general uses of tin cans in daily use

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The general uses of tin cans in daily use:


The tin cans are made of tinplate as the raw material, which is a packaging box made of tinplate through different processes such as welding or stamping and buckles. Because it is made of tinplate as raw material, it is also called a tinplate box.

What are the general uses of tin cans in daily use


1. Aerosol cans---Aerosol cans are divided into aluminum cans and tin cans. Divided by shape:


(1) Straight-sided can in tin cans


An aerosol can with a constant diameter at the top and bottom of the can body.


(2) necked-in can in tin cans


The aerosol cans with a reduced diameter at the top and (or) bottom of the can are used as disposable metal containers for aerosol products. When in use, the aerosol product is sprayed out according to the controlled form through the valve under the action of pre-pressure. The main products are: air fresheners, car care products, spray paint, insecticides and so on.


2. Chemical tanks in tin cans ---- divided square tanks, round tanks, convenient barrels series.


The capacity ranges from 0.5 liters to 20 liters. Commonly used sizes are 18L square can, 237*237*350mm, 4L square can 169*106*(251/261/290)mm, 3L round can 137*156mm, 4L round can 169*(199~273.5)mm,


3. Beverage cans in tin cans


The so-called three-piece cans refer to the easy-opening three-piece cans that use tin (chromium) thin steel plates and aluminum alloy thin plates as raw materials for filling non-gas-filled beverages and foods, and are sealed and sterilized to achieve aseptic requirements. The commonly used specifications of three-piece beverage cans are: 206/211/209, divided by diameter: Φ52, Φ58, Φ65, etc. The height can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and the top cover is generally aluminum disposable easy-pull lid. Common products include herbal tea, functional drinks, coffee, eight-treasure porridge and the like.


4. Miscellaneous cans in tin cans (non-standard cans)


The main products are moon cake tins, candy tins, stationery boxes, biscuit tins, CD tins, liquor tins and so on. The structure of miscellaneous cans is generally made of buckle bones or stretched, which has poor airtightness.


From the structure, it can be divided into: welded cans, buckle cans, stretched cans, two-piece cans, three-piece cans, etc.


From the shape classification, there are: rectangular tin cans, square tin cans, triangular tin cans, octagonal tin cans, oval tin cans, heart-shaped cans, special-shaped cans, automobile-shaped tin boxes, book-shaped tin boxes, etc.


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