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What are the characteristics of tinned tinplate

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  Why is tinned tinplate recommended? What are the characteristics?


  Tinplate is basically widely used in industry, but most people don't know why this product is admired and what kind of characteristics.

What are the characteristics of tinned tinplate


  Feature 1: Opacity


  When tinned tinplate is used, in addition to the fission reaction of all videos, the light will also cause various changes in protein and amino acids. The product contains vitamin C inside, and may be exposed to light, which is more likely to interact with other product ingredients, which will lead to a large loss of some chemical substances. According to the current situation, generally speaking, if it is bottled milk in a transparent bottle, the loss of vitamin C will be 14 times higher than that of dark-colored bottled milk. Therefore, the opacity of tinned tinplate is determined The nutrient preservation rate of many products.


  Feature 2: Tightness


  Tinplate can be targeted for the preservation of the components of existing containers. In many cases, everyone has their own ideas on the preservation of the nutritional content and quality of the product. During the use of containers from all walks of life, the oxygen transmission rate of the container It will directly affect the preservation of all juices. Metal cans with a low oxygen transmission rate can basically preserve all substances well.


  Why tinned tinplate can be admired, it is precisely because of the above two characteristics that it is admired.


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