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The history of tinplate

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  The history of tinplate

  Tinplate packaging has a wide coverage in the packaging container industry due to its good airtightness, preservability, light resistance, robustness and unique metal decoration charm, and it is a universal packaging variety in the world. With the continuous enrichment of various CC materials, DR materials, and chrome-plated iron of tinplate, the development of packaging products and technology has been promoted, and tinplate packaging is full of innovations.


  Because of its strong oxidation resistance, diverse styles, and exquisite printing, tinplate packaging containers are popular among customers and are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrument packaging, industrial product packaging, etc.

  Many advantages of tinplate packaging containers, such as high strength, good formability, and strong product compatibility, have established a good reputation in the international market. Therefore, all countries generally attach importance to this kind of packaging container, which is the largest metal packaging sheet in the world.

  According to the different requirements of the packaging industry, the thickness of the tinplate material, the amount of tin plating, and the mechanical properties have different needs. Since its inception, tinplate has been developing in the direction of thinning. One is to use less tin, or even not to use tin, and the other is to reduce the thickness of the tinplate substrate. Its purpose is to adapt to changes in canning products and reduce the cost of canning.

  With the continuous improvement and perfection of tinplate printing technology and processing technology, tinplate packaging is more and more widely used. At present, the production capacity of domestically produced tinplate continues to increase, and the import of tinplate will gradually decrease. Except for some high-end products, a small amount of imports has been basically achieved. The demand of my country's packaging industry puts forward higher requirements on the quantity and quality of metal packaging. In 2010, my country's metal packaging container sales revenue exceeded 50 billion yuan, which also brought metal packaging into a new growth opportunity period. The sustained and rapid development of the food industry has brought a broad market development space for the tinplate packaging container industry.

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