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Precautions when handling tinplate

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About Tinplate Packaging :


Precautions when handling tinplate


1. Tinplate must be protected from moisture and collision during transportation.


2. When storing tinplate, it is forbidden to place liquid items (such as beverages, boiling water, etc.) on the tinplate.


3. Avoid direct contact between human hands and tinplate during operation, so be sure to wear gloves.


4. If it is not used up, the remaining part must be wrapped with wrapping film and placed in a dry place. If conditions permit, it can be stored in a warehouse with a constant temperature and a relative humidity below 50%.


Tinplate Packaging

5. Rolling is strictly prohibited when handling tinplate.


6. When using an air compressor to feed, be sure to keep the gas dry.


7. The force arm of the feeder must maintain a uniform tension.


8. If the stamped finished product cannot be shipped in a short time, it should be sealed and stored, and a desiccant should be placed.


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