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Minjia company introduction

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  Founded in 2017, Zhangzhou Minjia Trade Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Fujian Xianhe Package Co., Ltd., which is a modernized metal package enterprise composed of manufacturer and sale of Coated & Printed Tinplate, Can Lids, Tin Cans.

  The Oversea Marketing Representative of CPMC (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd.

  Obtained with cooperation from CPMC (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CPMC HOLDINGS LIMITED, the largest manufacturer of metal packaging products in China & the leading role in formulating a number national and industry standards of metal package.

  Be the oversea marketing representative of its tin cans, twist-off cap, easy peel off, ... etc.

  Tinplate Premium Distributor

  Obtained with cooperation from BaoSteel, WISCO-NIPPON, TonYi, who are the premium level tinplate manufacturers in China.

  And win the better contract offer as we’re their premium distributor in China.

  Your Reliable Metal Pack Solution Supplier In China

  Whether for your food can project or for your industry project, Min Jia will 100% support you and give you a one-stop metal pack solution as per our good relationship in the supply chain, professional knowledge & over 10-year industry experience.

  Min Jia Metal Pack Is Your Best Choice

  As one of the best metal pack suppliers in China, the metal pack we offer conforms to EU & FDA standard. And we will provide a competitive price based on our better contract offer from the premium level tinplate manufacturers in China. If your food can business or industry project needs to import metal pack, then Min Jia will be your best choice.

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