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Is there any way to open the lid? Which methods are easier to use?

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  Can lids are very distinctive products. When you choose to open can lids, you will find that there are many different ways. Because sometimes these can lids are all encapsulated, and the gas must be extracted as much as possible. In this case, the air pressure inside will be much smaller than that on the outside, so it is difficult to open. This is a pressure principle.


  Method one: tap the bottom of the bottle


  If you want to open the lid of the can, you can completely turn the cans upside down, pat the bottom flat, and then work on them. In this way, the temperature and pressure will gradually rise. On the other hand, you must tap the bottom of the can to overflow all these gases in the liquid, so that the original air volume can be increased, and the air volume in the bottle can be slowly compressed. It can quickly break the vacuum in a short time.

Is there any way to open the lid? Which methods are easier to use?



  Method two: soak the can in hot water


  When the can lid is opened, it is recommended that you fully heat them. The water volume in the can will gradually increase, resulting in a reduction in the original negative pressure. The outer lid is generally made of metal and will gradually expand when heated. When the product is opened, it uses the laws of thermodynamics to conserve energy.


  How to open the lid? What kind of method is there? You can try these methods more.

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