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How to open the lid? What are the methods?

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  In many places in life, canned lids are basically used. In fact, whether it is glass cans, canned fruits or dairy products, there will be such products on them. Generally speaking, these seals are relatively tight. Opening the can seems to be a problem for us, so how to open it.


  Method 1: plastic wrap


  When opening the lid of the can, you can cut off a piece of plastic wrap and wrap the entire lid. Then you will find that these things will be easily opened when you twist the lid. This will increase the friction of screwing the lid, so it will save effort. At the same time, the principle is equivalent to a rubber holster, which is the same as the principle of a rubber band.

How to open the lid


  Method 2: Use a spoon


  Before opening the lid of the can, you can prepare a spoon. Use the spoon to pry them all apart on the side of the bottle lid or in the gap where the entire glass bottle is connected. But even if you want to use a spoon, you must choose a spoon tip to open the gap to allow air to enter, so that it is easy to open.


  When the can lid is opened, what kind of methods are there? The above methods are relatively easy to use. In fact, you can learn more about it. Each method can bring different effects, you can try a variety of methods.

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