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How to judge the quality of tin cans

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  How to judge the quality of tin cans? Is there any way to judge?


  The tin cans currently on the market are definitely mixed. Most people are thinking about how to judge the quality of the product. In fact, when judging the quality of the product, there will be various judgment methods.

How to judge the quality of tin cans


  Method 1: Listen to the sound


  If he wants to judge whether the tin can is good or bad, he can tap the surface of the product material with his hand, because if it is a good material, the ductility is better, basically it is particularly distorted, and the sound will be extended for a long time time. However, if it is a craft that will be deformed after being twisted, it is not recommended to use this method when buying. We can use a simple method to gently sweep the container with our fingernail to the palm of the hand, so that there will be some Cool metallic sound and short echo.


  Method 2: Observe the color


  It is best to observe the colors when choosing tin cans. In fact, from the surface, these colors are very bright and the content is about 97%. Although they are brighter after polishing, they are not particularly false white. There are also 99.9% polished products that are waiting to be born. The material feature is that they show spots below 99%. It can show different light and dark skin. When using this product, it will look exquisite and translucent, with different colors.


  How to observe the quality of the product during the use of tin cans? Both of the above methods are important.

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