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How to choose a good quality easy-open lid? What are the selection criteria

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  In real life, when many people choose easy-open lids, what they want to know most is how to choose easy-open lids with relatively good quality. What are the selection criteria?


  First, the trademark must be complete


  When choosing the easy-opening lid, it’s best for you to check whether the above trademark is complete. It is recommended that we better observe the production date and shelf life of the product. In fact, the trademark is lacking or is a product near the shelf life. You must be extra cautious at this time. If the trademark is incomplete, it may leave a bad influence on the consumer group, which will also affect itself.

How to choose a good quality easy-open lid? What are the selection criteria


  Second, the sound must be crisp


  To judge the quality of an easy-open lid, you must check whether the sound of the entire easy-open lid is crisp enough. Flick the lid with your hand to see if the surface of these lids is crisp enough. If it is crisp, then such lids can bring a better experience, and at least prove that their quality is relatively good.


  Third, the difficulty of opening


  When choosing an easy-to-open lid, usually the difficulty of opening also determines the quality of the product. If the quality of the product is poor, it may be easier to open. This is also directly related to the material of the product.


  What are the selection criteria for easy-opening lids? The above selection criteria are very important.

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