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How about color printing tinplate? How to make effective printing?

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  Color printing tinplate has a wider range of applications, and because of more demand, there will be more requirements when printing. In different industries, for different properties, it can bring a variety of different printing effects.


  First, the requirements for color ink


  In color printing tinplate printing, there are colored inks, which generally have a certain degree of water resistance, in addition to many other special requirements. The surface of the product itself has impermeable moisture and the solvent has been baked and dried. Therefore, heat curing must be done in the entire ink. The coloring or durability requirements of the pigment are relatively high, and during use, except In addition to the basic performance of general inks, related printing can be carried out based on existing products. The surface of the product has certain heat resistance, relatively strong adhesion, and can effectively resist impact.

How about color printing tinplate? How to make effective printing


  Second, the drying process requirements


  In the process of color printing tinplate printing, the product has the most unique drying process, and there is a complex physical and chemical reaction. It is necessary to control the drying speed of all inks reasonably and master each drying mechanism. Can effectively do fast printing, and to ensure product quality to the greatest extent.


  What are the requirements for color printing tinplate when printing? As mentioned above. Only by printing in accordance with the requirements can we bring better printing results.

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