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Characteristics of tin cans

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  Characteristics of tin cans


  The tin can exudes an elegant and brilliant brilliance. Because of its color, texture and diversified uses, people often love it. In addition, tin does not contain toxins and has excellent cooling and heat dissipation properties. Not only can it be made into appliances of different sizes and shapes, but it can also be polished in different ways. The matte surface tin can give off a smooth and noble, long-lasting luster. The shiny tin cans are dazzling, comparable to shining silverware. The excellent characteristics and attractive charm of tin cans are most suitable for creating a variety of gorgeous and practical products. Tin cans can be widely used and loved by people because of the excellent characteristics of tin itself.

Characteristics of tin cans


  1. Purify water quality


  Tin is a valuable metal second only to gold and silver, and it has the effect of absorbing impurities. In the past, where the water quality was not good, people would put tin plates at the bottom of the well to purify the water. Because tin easily reacts with arsenous acid, cyanic acid, etc., it also has a certain degree of toxicity. Tin does not have the peculiar smell of metal, and pure tin products do not harm the human body at all. Because tin has the effect of absorbing impure substances, vases made of tin will prevent the water from becoming turbid and keep the flowers longer. There are many types of tabletop decorations, rings and bracelets. Tin cans are not only suitable for private collections, but also good gifts.


  2. Good cooling and heat dissipation


  "Warm wine" has always been a traditional drinking custom in our country. Warm wine is easy to circulate in the human body, making it difficult to get drunk. Due to the high thermal conductivity of tin and easy heating, the effect of warming wine in tin cans is excellent, and because tin has good ionic effect, it can also increase the original flavor of the wine and make the wine more sweet and refreshing. Modern people drink beer or wine and often add ice cubes to get a refreshing feeling of coolness. The tin can can immediately lower the temperature of the wine due to its coolness and good heat dissipation effect, making it refreshing and refreshing when drinking. Therefore, the taste of beer and wine in tin cans is particularly refreshing and refreshing.


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